A thank you message from Matt!

To all the schools and students who took part in I’m an Engineer 2012,

First of all – THANK YOU! I never thought I’d win when I entered and it’s a huge honour to have been voted for by so many of you! I hope I – and my fellow engineers – have given even just a few of you a little inspiration to go out and discover the big pile-of-awesome that the world becomes when looked at through engineering and science.

I’m delighted to hear that you all had such a splendid time, but I don’t believe for second that you enjoyed it more than I did! The live chats rapidly became the favourite part of my day and all my lunches and coffee-breaks were spent answering questions.

The only problem I’ve had has been coming up with a plan for the prize that would do justice to the brilliant participation of you lot! Happily I’ve had some ideas and I hope, when they’re fleshed out, that you might get to enjoy them too!

Once more; huge thanks to you all for being so brilliant! And while we’re at it, a big cheer for your teachers for getting you all involved!

All the best,

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