• Question: Do you believe that long term sustainablity is going to be ensured by engineers

    Asked by zoha to Ant, Dan, Matt, Mike, Steph on 15 Mar 2012.
    • Photo: Matt Maddock

      Matt Maddock answered on 15 Mar 2012:

      I certainly do! Engineers and scientists, working together. It takes a lot of expertise to take something that’s already really clever and make it work even better than it did before – like a battery, or a computer, or a car-factory!

    • Photo: Anthony Hollingsworth

      Anthony Hollingsworth answered on 15 Mar 2012:

      hell yes!! better science is the only way for sure (just try asking everyone to stop driving, using electricity, buying anything fun, eating nice food etc etc… nobody will want to do it!)

      people will need power and resources, and engineering can provide sustainable power and recycling technologies that will allow us lead the kind of lives we want in a sustainable way. this is one of the biggest challenges at the moment and there are loads of good jobs in it for people who are interested!

    • Photo: Mike Salter

      Mike Salter answered on 15 Mar 2012:

      Yes! You and I both know that long term sustainability is really important, and however we achieve it engineers will have been involved in a big way.

      Quite how we achieve long term sustainability is a big question, scientists and engineers are working on all sorts of ideas. There are lots of challenges but we’ll get there one day – we don’t have much choice!

    • Photo: Dan Veal

      Dan Veal answered on 19 Mar 2012:

      I think engineers have the know-how to make the world a much cleaner place, but money and politics are a limiting factor. Sustainability means using producs and processes which are more expensive, and we as society have to be willing to pay for it, and therefore government and corporations must be able to say “we’ll sacrifice a bit of profit for sustainability.” So it all has to work together.