• Question: what would be your advice to me if i wanted to do engineering?, also whats the best part of your day?

    Asked by leah to Ant, Dan, Matt, Mike, Steph on 14 Mar 2012. This question was also asked by 3214h, sess, bentner, conoretherden, onedirectionareamazing.
    • Photo: Mike Salter

      Mike Salter answered on 9 Mar 2012:

      My advice would be try and take a real interest in engineering – read around, ask questions and find out why things happen. Sometimes it can be lots of hard work so if you find it fun and interesting then that makes it much easier.

      My days are pretty varied so there’s no part that’s always my favourite (except maybe lunch?!) – but it’s a great feeling when you manage to solve a problem after a long time trying.

    • Photo: Matt Maddock

      Matt Maddock answered on 13 Mar 2012:

      The best advice I can give is to do engineering! I mean, find things that interest you and learn all you can about them – build models, play with water rockets and meccano, try to design a working engine in Little Big Planet – there’s all sorts you can do and it’s all great practice for being an engineer.

      If it’s what you want to do and you enjoy it, you can’t go wrong, although, of course, it helps to study hard in school; learn science and design and technology. They’re not easy subjects, but if you enjoy them, that makes them much easier.

      And always remember that not knowing something is great! It gives you the chance to learn new facts and find out more about the world.

      And like Mike, I like lunch too 😉

    • Photo: Stephanie Tomlinson

      Stephanie Tomlinson answered on 13 Mar 2012:

      The route you take into a career in engineering would depend on what you enjoy doing most. If you are good at maths and physics at school and enjoy academic work then I would suggest you do A-levels and a degree in engineering at a good university. If you are a more hands on and practical person who doesn’t enjoy school work that much, I would suggest you join an engineering apprenticeship with an engineering company.

      There are lots of schemes to join to get into engineering or at least try it out before you commit to it. I went on a WISE (women in science and engineering) course and some weekend courses at universities which were great fun and let me see what it was really like. Also if there are any school engineering or science competitions to get involved in – then do them.

      I like the time just before the end of a project where all the plans and ideas come together and work! Every day is different so the best part of yesterday is different from today.

    • Photo: Dan Veal

      Dan Veal answered on 14 Mar 2012:

      My advice is find out as much as you can, look at job adverts on google and see what you think, does it sound interesting and something you’d like to do? Ask any friends or parents of friends about engineering if they do it. Try to get a week or month or summer work experience at a place doing engineering. Maybe a one day job-shadowing type thing if you know anyone? Ask you science teacher, they may know more than you think.